Homestead Project Time Sheet

This is a public Google Sheet I created to keep track of how much work is being done on what project.  Please feel free to use a similar layout.

The Coop

A stationary chicken coop for free-ranged birds, maintained using deep litter method.

The Fire Pit

For cooking, for gathering, for relaxing.

The Food Forest

A ~2 acre integrated system with fruit, nut, medicinal plants.

The Greenhouses

  • The Small Greenhouse

    A very simple, temporary greenhouse to start us out.

  • The Medium Greenhouse

    A larger structure next to the house made of reclaimed windows.  Will be used as a open sitting area in hotter seasons and will aid in heating the house in the colder months.

  • The Large Greenhouse

    An ambitious structure of a hall and two modified geodesic domes.

The Hearth

We need heat.  We could just go buy a wood burning stove but where’s the fun in that?  Let’s try a rocket mass heater instead.

The Labyrinth

A food producing garden with an ancient twist.